We had the pleasure to have Elisabeth in our annual event MICE in Quito  - Ecuador in 2016.

Elisabeth helped the venues of Quito,  the important role that they have in the city and in the meeting industry business. We recommend her with pleasure for similar events all over the world.

Norma Cristina Bock, CMM, Directora MICE

I had the pleasure to work with Elisabeth Hansa as part of the assessment group for the architectural competition ”Skellefteå kulturhus med hotell” – Cultural centre and hotel in Skellefteå – which was conducted by the municipality with the support of the association Architects Sweden in 2016. Her knowledge and expertise, as well as her strong involvement throughout the process was very valuable to the assessment work of the jury. The extensive experience of Elisabeth Hansa, as an internationally well-known consultant in the field of conferences and the event industry, was well appreciated and a clear asset to the process. I would highly recommend Elisabeth Hansa as a consultant for assessing similar projects.

Tove Dumon Wallsten, architect SAR/MSA, Project manager

From March to May 2014 Elisabeth Hansa provided support and consultation with the evaluation and development of the potential of the cities of Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk and Charkiv with respect to the meetings industry as part of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) project Consulting of the municipal administrations of the Euro 2012 destinations. This cooperation resulted in the establishment of conference offices in the cities of Lviv and Kiev and, thanks to her large international network, the first steps towards international recognition. We can highly recommend Elisabeth Hansa as an expert and effective consultant for the meetings and event industry. Last but not least, alongside her unquestionable expertise, Elisabeth Hansa’s friendly and cordial nature mean that working with her not only produces results, but is also a very pleasant experience.

Mathias Brandt, Project director

I have known Elisabeth Hansa for a great number of years as a client, a competitor and as an industry colleague and know her as an extremely skilled sales and marketing professional who combines strategic skill with practical determination. Her passion and willpower make her a superb sales professional and her enthusiasm, emotional intelligence and good nature contribute to her great success. On top of that she has the skill to teach and coach both novices and seasoned professionals in today’s highly competitive meetings and events industry.

Ben Goedegebuure, Maritz Travel, Global General Manager EME

In our service industry it’s all about the person doing the job – it’s a people business. With her extensive experience, Elisabeth Hansa has the required expertise and has what it takes to make an important contribution in her cooperation with us.

Mag. Ivo Franschitz, Enited Business Events, Owner and Managing Director

Elisabeth Hansa has been a committed expert for many years. She has outstanding professional qualifications from her work in various positions within the meetings industry and has made a name for herself. During our very successful cooperation, over many years, at conventions and conferences – especially at Congress Graz and Austria Center Vienna – I have come to know her as a reliable partner who I can always count on. The work she has done for us has always been delivered with pleasure and energy. It has been goal-focussed and completed to our utmost satisfaction. Her proactive attitude is characterised by taking the initiative and a high-level of independence.

Maria Danklmaier, Head of Austropa Interconvention

Over her long career in the meetings industry, Elisabeth Hansa has gained a fine reputation in both Austria and abroad. She is recognised as an expert in the fields of marketing and sales, as well operations.

Renate Androsch-Holzer, R.A.M. Consulting, Managing Partner

Elisabeth Hansa oversees the specialised segments meeting industry and event management and shares her vast professional experience as well as her profound knowledge in the area of organisation and economic management of all types of events. The targeted combination of theory and practical information is key for degree programmes with strong focus on business administration. Elisabeth Hansa mastered this task in an excellent way and students in Krems and in Baku very much appreciate her ability to explain even complex contexts in a clear way.

Prof. Mag. Eva Werner,, University of Applied Sciences Krems


We all grew up in the business together with our clients and had basically the same knowledge background. One of the issues I see now is that a lot is asked of sales people who know less than the clients who are becoming more and more sophisticated. Deep knowledge, a broad understanding of the client’s needs, issues and expectations, an understanding of industry trends and the ability to act as a true adviser to the client are all pre-requisites for a successful sales executive. I have always been a great believer in a long term sales and marketing strategy. In this highly competitive market it is not easy to stand out, but in my view a long term vision and implementation strategy always wins over short-term opportunism. Ben Goedegebuure, Maritz Travel


…and of course a strategic focus for their work. Elizabeth Hansa's professional experience and expertise make her the ideal person to work with conference centre sales staff to teach them everything they need to know in order to be more effective in winning meetings and events for their venues.

Rob Davidson, Managing Director, MICE Knowledge